A Wild Odyssey

Royal Ruyi X RCA Textiles 2019 Scarf Project Winner

In the nineteenth century, a new type of traveller ventured onto the Silk Road: enthusiastic explorers looking for adventure. These researchers traversed the Taklamakan

desert in western China, to explore ancient sites along the Silk Road. The Silk Road have highlighted the fruitful dialectic and pluralism in culture and biodiversity in nature.


Based on an admiration for the exploring spirit and the stunning desert view, This work features a story that a young voyager finding his inner peace through seeking out remote Gobi Desert.


The special importance of artisanal products stems from their inherently unique and distinctive features. Craftsmanship have not only contributed to both commercial and cultural exchanges, but have also become foundations of cultural identity for peoples alongside the Silk Road. The scarf is a tribute to the craftsmanship, which is fully hand painted with the purest strokes, busting with rich color and texture. The designer wishes to capture both exotic adventures and rural calm into the scarf to awake modern people’s inner wanderlust.