305 Valley 

A VR experience 
RCA WIP 2020

305 Valley is a near future vision shown as mixed reality experience, where people can add expressive facades. Such facades offer a new way of sharing emotion and influence how individual perceive one another.

It encourages people who suffer social phobia to express themselves securely. People have more freedom to express themselves and show empathy through customised avatar facades. We might reach a point where we hard to identify one’s sexual preferences with a broader spectrum of gender identities. 

With the current tech, AI can help to track people emotion and make intervention.


In the near future, can tech bring customized service to change the way people experience and interaction in their daily lives?

*HTTP 305

Use Proxy is a deprecated status code. Using the status-code a server could instruct a client that it should connect to a proxy, and repeat that same request there.


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